Sistah Sweets & Lex Chapo

This week really was a treat as Sister Sweets speak on their baking business. They are making healthy treats and bring smiles to people's faces with singing telegrams. We even share a clip of FadamGotDaJuice receiving a singing telegram.

Lex Chapo stopped in to talk about her cooking show, saging, workout clothing line and shares music video Compare.

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SEASON 2: Ep1 - Featuring Lex Chapo freestyle & interview with CZ Babyy

SEASON 2 Ep: 1



Born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, MD. Dj Reddz used to watch music videos and performances that had 2 turntables. Immediately fixated on the physical characteristics of the turntables themselves, and having a few relatives in his family that were already craftsman of the trade, prompted his passion...


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