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Head ShotBorn and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, MD. Dj Reddz used to watch music videos and performances that had 2 turntables. Immediately fixated on the physical characteristics of the turntables themselves, and having a few relatives in his family that were already craftsman of the trade, prompted his passion to want to become as skilled as possible as a Dj. At age 11, he decided that he wanted to become a student of the game and dedicated himself to being the best Dj he could possibly be. Initially focused on the craft of bar counts, timing and flawless transitions, his interest started out as a hobby and ultimately ended up as a career. As years went on, he tracked his progression from basic scratches to more complex scratches and blends, dedicating himself daily to the complexity of the craft. Influenced by local celebrity Dj’s such as; Dj Boobie, Dj Mike Crosby, SupaFunkRegulata CeLo, Dj Titan, Dj Rod Braxton, amongst others.

Around 19 years old, his hobby became a business. Through his tenure, he worked at a local music store that was extremely popular and influential in Baltimore City called Metro 2. He eventually hooked up with partner and life-long friend S.Dot and NiteLife Entertainment was created. The intention of NiteLife Entertainment was to provide quality from the patrons to the actual entertainment itself, which was Dj Reddz and S.Dot. Starting off mixing in neighborhood bars and smaller night clubs, the duos’ popularity grew substantially to the point where they were working frequently in the top clubs in Baltimore City. Also, they performed at numerous concerts for some of the biggest artist in the INDUSTRY! From the likes of Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, T.I., and Rick Ross to name a few. 

The notoriety from the hard work then led to Dj Reddz becoming a member of CBS Radio’s “WPGC 95.5 fm” in Washington D.C. He has been a part of this station since 2006 and has held the position as an on-air personality and mixer at 5pm, Monday-Friday. The title of his show is called “The Drive at 5 with Dj Reddz.” He’s one of the most highly recommended party Djs in the Mid-Atlantic region. With his high energy, superb mic skills and his limitless music selection; he is able to please the most diverse demographic, all in one building. He is also, the East Coast Ambassador for the Nationwide Dj Crew--> Violator AllStar DJs & Founder/ CEO of Street Jocks USA, which is a regional DJ Crew that he founded in 2005. Currently he is the resident Dj at some of the hottest nightclubs in the DMV Area.

With countless mixtapes under his Dj Reddz brand, along with a strong radio presence in the DMV markets and numerous internet and magazine features, Dj Reddz has yet to reach his pinnacle. He has been featured in Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine, appeared on BET’s “106 & Park”, co-hosted and Dj’d along side Jermaine Dupri, P.Diddy and Big Tigger at the “Howard vs. Morehouse Pep-Rally” at the Washington Convention Center(Washington, DC), as well as served as the Dj of choice for Jermaine Dupri’s launch party for his social media site,